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    Electric oven

    Your oven is a very important piece of equipment in your kitchen and is important that it’s kept in good working order. The last thing you need is to be stranded if your oven does stop working, at Smartfix Plumbing, Gas & Electrical our Licensed specialists are more than capable of bringing your oven back to tip-top condition.

    Electric oven New installations

    When renovating a kitchen ensuring that the new oven location or the new oven itself will work with your setup. Certain things need to be considered like the size of the cable that runs back to the switchboard and what size circuit breaker is on that cable, we can provide you with what options are available for the existing cable that is in place or what your options are for selecting a new cable and circuit breaker to suit the oven of your choice.

    Electric oven Existing Replacement

    If your oven is beyond repair from all that cooking, sometimes its better to just let things go and get yourself an upgrade, at Smartfix we can assess your situation and help provide with what options are available for you with a new replacement, it can be a nightmare trying to arrange what happens next but we can do that all for you by showing you what Brands to choose from, what type of oven to choose and even what size of oven that will fit in your current ovens location.

    Electric oven Repairs

    In most cases with older electric ovens you’ll find that there are 2 main components that will go in an oven and one of those is the ovens elements (one in the rear and sometimes one on the top) if the oven element stops working you’ll notice the oven doesn’t get hot, we can test to ensure that the oven element isn’t damaged, if we finds its not the oven element it could be the thermostat, the thermostat is the temperature control for said element it will usually go one of 3 ways; it wont heat up at all, it wont get hot enough or it will get way to hot which can be incredibly dangerous!

    Gas, electric & induction hotplates

    Your hotplate is one of your more commonly used appliances used in a kitchen

    Gas hotplate New Installation

    When looking to go for a gas hotplate we can give you with what options are available to you when it comes to choose the size, type and layout of hotplates that can be chosen from and we can arrange our plumber to come out and assess the work that is required to get the appropriate plumbing for your new gas hot plate, on the electrical side of things we need to allow for a power point to power the ignitors.

    Electric hotplate New Installation

    Have an existing hotplate that you would like to upgrade to an electric one or a entirely new install A few things need to be considered when going ahead with this process such as the size whether it will need to be cut into your existing or new bench top or if there is an existing hole in the bench top needs to be cut out more of the bench to make it fit other things need to be considered is the cable that runs from your switchboard to the new hot plate location and what size circuit breaker that should be installed on that cable.

    Induction hotplate New Installation

    Induction hot plates require a much larger cable that an electric and gas hotplate, and with an induction hotplate it is required to have an isolation switch near by to shut off the electricity to that hotplate so these things need to be considered if they are on internal walls as they will have to be cut into the walls and plastered over unless they are on a cavity wall. Most things still apply with the induction like size type and layout, but the main thing is the cable size because of how much power in draws. A standard sized cable will either burn out or constantly trip the breaker, feel free to get in contact with us when looking at your options and we can give you an idea on what you will need to consider when purchasing your new hotplate!

    Gas, Electric & Induction hotplate Existing Replacement

    Have a faulty gas, electric or induction hotplate and want to look at what can be done in regards to replacing your existing hot plate, we can come out and measure your existing hot plate and show you what options that you are able to choose from without altering the cut out in the bench for the existing hotplate. We can arrange for our plumber to disconnect and reconnect a gas hotplate.

    Gas & electric freestanding stoves

    A stove is far different to a oven and hotplate as most of them need a full section out of the kitchen bench and cabinets as it is a completely freestanding unit, these come in all different sizes, layouts and colours and are excellent touch to your kitchen for those who like to take cooking to the next level!

    Gas New Installation

    With gas stoves we highly recommend having our licensed electrician out to inspect the job prior and we can ensure that all of our electrical requirement can be met as well as our plumber for your convenience as the stove needs to installed with both the electrician and plumber are on site together to make sure it’s a smooth installation!

    Electric New Installation

    Electric stove draw a lot of power and we will have to ensure that your household mains can carry such load, but regardless we can arrange for one our licensed electricians come out assess the work and go through what options are available to you and your new installation of your electric stove

    Gas & Electric existing Replacement

    Replacing either gas or electric, there are few things that need to be considered when purchasing a new stove one being that gas line is of appropriate size and existing plumbers meets current standards and the same goes with the electrical side of things we have to ensure that the correct size cable is in place for your new stove as well the circuit protection in the switchboard is all up to code.

    Our promise to Customers

    We understand that organising tradesman and letting people into your home to do work can be time-consuming and stressful. Smartfix Plumbing, Gas and Electrical is committed to giving our clients the best experience they deserve every time. our customers always come first.

    We understand that organising tradesman and letting people into your home to do work can be time-consuming and stressful. Smartfix is committed to giving our clients the best experience they deserve every time.

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